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3 March, 2008

Getting Ready

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Its been a while, but we figured we needed to drop a line here to catch up on the last few days.  Needless to say, our lives have been a swarm of wrapping things up in the “real” world so that we can take off for over 3 weeks.  Both Lisa and I have been cranking away at work and spending more time over in Jackson than usual.  In our spare time we have been sorting out taxes and helping build a new investment club.  And, to top if off…we’ve actually had a number of great days out skiing.  It seems kind of weird to be wrapping up our powder skiing, which we did yesterday on March 2nd.  Yet, we will be back in time for the fun, party atmosphere that only the sun brings to the slushy slopes in their closing weeks.

Packing for the Grand CanyonSo, tonight we went through the piles in our living room that continue to grow as we start sorting and packing for the Grand Canyon.  Each day something else comes up that we feel would be nice to have along.  We are pretty close to having everything ready…just a few more shopping items and then we will see if it all fits in the dry bags.  Its been quite a little shopping spree to make sure that we have everything we need.

For those of you who don’t know, it turns out that I’ll be the primary oarsmen on one of the boats.  Although I’ve been on many a river trip and have some great experience on the river in general, I’m not so versed in oarboats.  So, why not jump right into the Grand Canyon right?  You’ll see in the photos a few images of my “cheat” sheet for the larger rapids.  If you look closely, you’ll actually see that one of them says “good luck”!  I’ve been doing my research between first hand experiences, online logs, river guidebooks and even YouTube videos.  At first I was questioning if this was something I really wanted to take on…yet now, as each day approaches I’m Packing for the Grand Canyongetting more and more excited for the challenge.  I’ll have a great backup crew of Lisa and our friend Scott Steen to help out along the way!  Funny to think that Lisa and I were talking about getting a bit more into the river lifestyle this past year…and BAM…why not start off at the top!  Its just one of those opportunities that you can’t pass up when it arises…so here we go…

I’m hoping we can get another blog entry in place before we go…but, if not…we will be keeping a journal on the river and will post it word for word when we return.

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