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Day 3 on the Grand

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008 by Lisa

March 11 :: River Day 3Let it be known that the only reason we will know the date from now on is because of my journal. BJ once again nailed them all. Scott and I are well practiced in punching the waves. Unfortunately Don’s boat flipped on our first rapid today–Indian’s Dick. Yes, Don was fucked by the Indian Dick. Not a huge rapid but huge horizontal waves seemed to come out from no where. One of these waves fully overtook his boat and slowly flipped it over. We didn’t lose a thing and Dave and Don were the March 11 :: River Day 3only swimmers. They were a little shaken up but no injuries occurred. Well none except Don’s confidence. The next process took a couple of hours: we rigged up a pully system attached to the frame on the boat and to a large boulder near the shore. Luckily we had a beautiful sandy beach to work on. Another group came up and offered more human power. It was a quick flip to right-side-up. Bryan, Don, Dave, and Andy found that their dry bags were not so dry.

We are camping at Stanton’s Cove at South Canyon. For the first time we have arrived somewhat early to camp with enough time for a much needed hike. March 11 :: River Day 3We attempted hiking out into South Canyon–a flat, yet skinny canyon. About 100 yards in we had to balance a long tree branch to the next level. Above that and another 100 yards we found two huge boulders wedged perfectly to prevent us from passing. We retreated to camp and followed another trail upriver. It wound above the Red Wall Limestone layer, which is what currently lines the river walls, and provided great views over camp and the river. All is good in camp.