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Day 7 on the Grand

Saturday, March 15th, 2008 by Lisa

March 15 :: River Day 7Layover day at Unkar Camp. BJ, more about Scott, sickness and I went on a shorter hike today. Toward Unkar Delta Ruins just down river from camp. Pretty “neat” ruins. We continued up the delta to the first draw we found on the right. A scramble and scree field to the top brought us beautiful views over the river March 15 :: River Day 7and a series of rolling hills. The dirt up here is bright red and really soft. Plants and cacti grow easily up here. We made our way around the mesa and ended up directly above camp, the only way down a talusy slope. Drank a beer, took a REALLY long nap, steaks! for dinner, followed by many hours of music. Preparing for three days of bigger white water.