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Day 18 on the Grand

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008 by Lisa

March 26 :: River Day 18 LAVA!! We got a pretty early start today because we had 22 miles to row and Lava Rapid, rated “10” and probably the most well known rapid on the Grand. Pretty flat water until Lava today. BJ was confident going into it. Scott sat right and I sat left. We had a huge “V” wave that we needed to hit directly center and then a big cheese-grater rock on river right. March 26 :: River Day 18When we hit the “V” wave Scotty hopped on the right tube, the high side, and practically climbed over it to try to push it back down. I got slammed down into the front of the boat and felt like I was swimming to get to Scott’s side to help throw weight over there. BJ, in the mean time was holding the oars steady in the water and managed to break an oar in half right below the “oar right.” Without any control except for his right oar we headed for the cheese-grater rock. March 26 :: River Day 18BJ calmly told us “I broke an oar so we are going to have to highside on the rock.” Super calm! He tried to “T” us up as best as possible. We hit the rock, high sided, and rolled right off. Broken oar still in tow. NICE ONE BJ! Camping at Whitmore Wash tonight.