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Day 19 on the Grand

Thursday, March 27th, 2008 by Lisa

March 27 :: River Day 19Today was a relaxing yet longer day on the river. We started out with a “3”, flat for 20 miles, then ended with a “6”. We set up a lounge area on the back of hte boat and rotated through laying on that, rowing, and figuring out a game that we would be playing tomorrow night. Kate and Don are running an Oscar’s night on the last night and have assigned all of us a task or craft to create before hand. March 27 :: River Day 19 I am in charge of making a merkin for Scott. BJ is in charge of widdling a very large guitar pick for Tom. Lunch today was the most eventful. We tied all the boats together and cook crew passed out wraps. But we also ran an ess-turn of riffles which provided much splashy and a little excitement. The “6” Rapid (Two Hundred and Five Mile) was a little different than usual as we were all actually really excited to get wet. It is definitely hotter on the canyon these days. More bugs but not too many bites. Camping at Granite Peak, wide open but lots of small tamarisk.