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A Week at Points North Heli in Cordova, Alaska

Geotag Icon Show on map Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 by Lisa

SunAteWorm4After three years, we made it back to Cordova, Alaska for a week of heli-skiing and a great time with a few old friends. We skied three days out of the week, sitting out for a few days in the middle while the snow gods came in and dumped another few feet of fresh snow. BJ and I skied with separate groups on the first two days. He joined a group of Aussies from Melbourne and I joined the only other lady in house, from Japan, and a couple of guys from France. While BJ’s crew hit some of the steepest runs out there, my group had a blast on mellower, but equally terrifying, runs.

Lisa's Turns above Guilt TripOur “down” days were spent on a moss covered nearby hiking trail, playing dodge ball in the local gym, eating way too much food, catching up with Kevin and Jess, and spending time with the PNH crew and clients over a couple beers.

We had booked a 5pm flight out on our last day and had accepted the fact that we wouldn’t Sunday-Ate-the-Wormbe able to ski without making our groups call it quits a few hours early. We planned to spend the beautiful blue bird day on a sea kayak or a walk into the small town of Cordova. That is until Kevin (the owner of Points North and long time friend) came up to us and said “go get ready … you’re skiing with me.” We were thrilled and quickly ran to our room to pack up our bags so we would be ready to head to the airport right after skiing. BJ and Lisa on Sweeter than Wine LandingAnd sure enough, after an epic day skiing in the Chugach with Kevin, we were dropped off by the heli at the lodge, ran into our rooms and changed into a pair of jeans and sweatshirt, packed our skis, and hopped in the van to head to the airport so we wouldn’t miss our flight.

Nothing like finishing off a great week with a great day … flying around in a heli above glaciers and snow covered peaks and skiing run after run of 3,000 vertical feet.